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How can I choose happiness?

“The greatest discovery of any generation
is that human beings can alter their lives
by altering the attitudes of their minds.”
~ Albert Schweitzer

How can I choose happiness?

Q. Sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m sad. Why aren’t I always happy?

A. Even if your basic needs are satisfied and you are not suffering physically, you aren’t always happy because of your state of mind – your thoughts and moods, which are ever changing and inexorably alternating between pleasure and pain, happiness and unhappiness.

Q. How can I be happier?

A. By choosing happiness. Though we may not be free to choose our outer circumstances in life, we are always free to choose our attitude and thoughts about those circumstances. So, it’s choice – not chance, free will – not destiny, that mostly determines our happiness.

Q. How can I choose happiness?

A. You can choose happiness by resolutely deciding to be happy; then, by mindfully observing and discarding all thoughts of unhappiness, and by replacing them with acceptance of “what is” in your life, with gratitude for your many blessings therein, and with compassion for others.

So, you can choose happiness by gratefully saying “yes” to life.

Q. It’s easy for you to say that, but not easy for me to do that.

A. Yes, choosing happiness can be much easier said than done – but it is doable.

Just as you can always choose to put a smile on your face, however you may feel, you can always choose to identify and replace unhappy thoughts with attitudinal acceptance of “what is”, and with thoughts of gratitude and compassion; and thereby, to eliminate the negative by affirming the positive.

And by so choosing happiness, you can radically improve your life.

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