With Amazing Grace,
you’ve found a great new place – in cyberspace,
where Dr. Seuss will meet Einstein, and Rumi – and many others too –
just like you,
mystically musing, and whimsically wondering
about Life’s perennial puzzlements.

Here you’ll find Ageless Adages For Every New Age,
With Whimsical Rhymes For Our Times;
Plus Paradoxical Answers to Life’s Unanswerable Questions,
With Speculations and Ruminations Pondering Perennial Puzzlements.

For over thirty years, Ron Rattner has instinctively written
many whimsical and serious aphorisms, poems, and essays pondering these subjects
and has collected apt quotes and writings of others.
Now, before leaving the scene, he wants to freely share them with you right here at SillySutras.com.

Please join us with your unique perspectives,
and together we’ll happily help conceive and create
A wonderful new world!

“Infuse us, enthuse us, and use us, to bless all life as Love!”


Silly Sutras Dedication

This Silly Sutras place in cyberspace
is dedicated to all life everywhere.
Our intention is freely to share ideas and images
– often whimsically – which help us awaken to our infinite potentiality,
and thereby to co-create a better reality.

Just as dreamers ‘create’ their dreams,
together we are a ‘dream-team’,
karmically dreaming our world into being; and,
consciously or unconsciously creating a ‘common dream’.

Still, too many are yet unconscious and unaware.
So our world is a world with much needless
peril, suffering and sadness.
But more and more we dreamers are awakening
to become conscious common dreamers.

And as we ever awaken,
we shall consciously and cooperatively
participate to co-create an ever better reality –
as we intend, intuit, and imagine it to be.

So with heartfelt gratitude for Life on this precious planet,
we dedicate this cyberspace place.
May the Universe empower us to realize together
our common dream for a better world
where everyone everywhere is happy.

And So May It Be!


What Are Silly Sutras?

Sutras are thought threads connecting pearls of wisdom.
The word “sutras” — like “sutures” — comes from Sanskrit and Latin root words meaning “to sew”.
Instead of joining tissues, sutras join issues.

With sutras we weave a tapestry of insight from direct experience and perennial precepts.  Sometimes sutras are concise epigrammatic and enigmatic aphorisms, with vast significance.  Sometimes they are grouped to refer to a common category like Yoga or Tao, or as in Buddhist sutras, to record oral teachings of Gautama Buddha.

“Silly Sutras” are Ron Rattner’s mostly mystical musings
expressed as aphorisms, rhymes, poetry, essays, strange stories and apt quotations. Sometimes Ron’s whimsical sutras really seem silly. But remember that in a crazy world normality’s insanity, and silliness is sanity. So our silly sutras offer a sane asylum from this crazy world, and are dedicated to all life everywhere.


  1. S c maheshwari on January 29, 2017 at 2:44 am

    Superb. Really remarkable.

  2. Grace Leilani Pure-Reno on July 5, 2017 at 7:26 pm

    Beautiful beyond….your spirit makes my heart happy. Wonderfully serendipitous meeting you today in Aquatic park. Pure Grace ?