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Conversation With God

Conversation With God

Man: God?

God: Yes?

Man: Can I ask you something?

God: Of course!

Man: What is for you a million years?

God: A second.

Man: And a million dollars?

God: A penny.

Man: God, Can you give me a penny?

God: Sure. Wait a second.

Ron’s Comment on “Conversation With God”

Dear Friends,

Did you know that the official motto of the US corporate plutocracy is:

“In God We Trust”?

Significantly that motto appears on all US paper currency and coins.

The foregoing is an imaginary whimsical conversation with God initiated by a devout worshiper, who is apparently confused about God’s true identity.

May it remind us that God is LOVE, not money.

And so may  it be!
Ron Rattner